Reap Rewards with Your Subscription

Rewards make being a subscriber even sweeter. Earn Public Points™ every month and use them towards monthly payments, add-ons, and more. Sound simple? That’s because it is.

How it Works

With Public Points we make being a subscriber more rewarding in three simple steps.

  1. Earn points with your payments, reaching milestones, and referring friends.
  2. Watch your Public Points rewards add up.
  3. Redeem your points online or via the app to lower your payments, purchase add-ons, and more.


Welcome Present

Get a 5 point welcome present as a new Public Mobile subscriber.


Earn Points-back with every payment.

Happy Anniversary

Celebrate your earning anniversary with 10 points for every 12 months you’re subscribed.


Refer a friend, and you’ll earn a point for every month they continue their subscription.

Give Back

Earn up to 20 points by helping someone in the Public Mobile Community.


Lower Your Bill

Pay less when you put your Public Points towards your monthly charges.

Add Extras

Add features and upgrades to your subscription with the points you earn.


Enter contests with your points and you could win free devices, gift cards, and more.

Get Straight to the Points

Every Public Mobile customer earns points with their subscription. Start earning yours with a new subscription today.

Already a Public Mobile customer? You can check your points balance through My Rewards.

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